Apr 24 2018:A new version 1.0.2 released (for Free and Pro)

1.Fixed a problem that the connection could be trashed when you are uploading many files to server at once.

2.Opitimized the connection rate between your PC and VPS in sFTP module.

3.Fixed a bug (failed to connect to VPS) that could be triggered by clicking ‘the fresh button’ on sFTP interface.

4.Added a feature to sFTP module which will show you the uploading/downloading rates and transferring speed.

5.Optimized the process of SSL enabled

6.Added an interface to install zip/unzip app to your server, you can compress/uncompress .zip now.

Apr 12 2018:A new version 1.0.1 released (for Free and Pro)

1.(Emergency) Fixed that http (80 port) can’t rewrite to https (443 port) when your website enable SSL (https), please re-download and intall VPSrobots.

2.Now you can upload a folder to your server with sFTP module.

3.Fixed an error of interface displaying on Backup module

Apr 05 2018:

VPSrobots Pro Edition 1.0.0 released

VPSrobots Free Edition 1.0.0 released

Mar 06 2018:A new version (Beta 0.7.0) has been released

1. Redesigned VPSrobots management mechanism. Now, you can connect to any Linux distribution (so far, only debian and ubuntu), it is no matter of whom your VPS provider is. By the way, VPSrobots have been running very well on Linode, DigitalOcean, Vutrl and host1plus platform.

2.Redesigned the website list. Now, it lists your websites based on your virtual host file.

Feb 20 2018: A new version (Beta 0.6.0) has been released

1.A new module called website migration has been released.

2.A module called server security has been release. including: iptables configuration, user login details and file security.

Jan 14 2018: A new version (Beta 0.5.0) has been released

1. Released a new module called website restoration.

Dec 12 2017: A new version (Beta 0.4.0) has been released

1.Add a modul called Website backup, now you can back up your websites with it.

Nov 8 2017: A new version (Beta 0.3.0) has been released

  1. VPSrobots now supports PHPbb forum app.
  2. Re-designed the workflow of adding a website, more smooth and beautiful.
  3. Added a tab page for frequent setting called breadcrumb setting, you can setting the most frequently-used settings in a page.
  4. Beautified parts of layout and style that makes VPSrobots’s use more easy and understandable.

Oct 12 2017: A new version (Beta 0.2.2) has been released.

  1. Now VPSrobots can manage VPS on Host1plus.
  2. VPSrobots supported ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.
  3. VPSrobots supported PHP 7.0 configuration and extensions.
  4. Optimized the home page layout.
  5. Optimized the workflow of installing CMS

Sept 28 2017: A new version (Beta 0.2.1) has been released.

  1. Now VPSrobots can deploy CMS (Joomla, Drupal) on VPS automatically.
  2. VPSrobots supported more VPS providers (DigitalOcean.com)
  3. Added PHP Config and Apache Config pages.
  4. Optimized the process of retrieving server general system info, it’s faster
  5. VPSrobots supported the Linux OS up to Debian 8.

Sept 18 2017: A new version (Beta 0.1.1) has been released.

  1. Many text errors have been mended.
  2. The interface looks more great after adjusting some layouts of modules.
  3. Now, you can logout correctly with clicking the log out button on interface of VPSrobots.
  4. You can use Hotkeys (e.g. ctrl+c, ctrl+v) in the textboxes.
  5. The middle mouse button has been supported
  6. You can remove the VPS node from server list
  7. Optimized the mechanism of disconnecting connection to server, it works smoothly now.
  8. Optimized the workflows of importing website and adding website.
  9. VPSrobots now supports another VPS provider: Vultr.com

Sept 5 2017: VPSrobots is born, not so good, but he is growing:)