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What is VPSrbots?

VPSrobots is a Linux server management panel that offers graphical interface and automation tools to facilitate the management of Linux servers and websites. It runs on top of Windows OS as a desktop app and connects to Linux servers remotely through SSH. More information...

Running on: Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit, 64-bit)

Manage servers on: Debian 7/8/9, Ubuntu 14/16/17/18.04, CentOS 7.

Things to Do Before Managing Your Server via VPSrobots

Before beginning, make sure you have already had a VPS, and be aware that VPSrobots theoretically supports the management of any Linux server despite of its service provider. However, VPSes from following vendors are well-tested on VPSrobots and are highly recommended as the most economical options:

Linode (old panel, new panel) | Vultr | DigitalOcean | Host1Plus | Google Cloud


Get Started: Add a VPS Node

This guide will help you connect to a VPS using VPSrobots.

LAMP Deployment

VPSrobots will detect and help you install AMP (Apache, Mysql and PHP) on your server with one click. Read more…

Website Deployment

VPSrobots supports installation of five most used CMSes, including WordPress. See: How to Install A WordPress Site with One-Click Using VPSrobots

SFTP Browser

VPSrobots contains a built-in sFTP File Browser for easily managing files on a server in a graphical way. See: – What is SFTP Browser on VPSrobots?How to use it?

Breadcrumb Settings

VPSrobots put all the frequently-used AMP configuration in one centralized dashboard called Breadcrumb. Tab. See: What is Breadcrumb Tab on VPSrobots and How to use it?


VPSrobots provides you with a graphical interface to set up and configure iptables firewall on a Linux server. – What is iptable Module on VPSrobotsHow to Set up and Configure iptables using VPSrobots.

File Security Scanning