Get Started

The page is a wizard which guides you to know what VPSrobot is, and how to build a website (only WP site so far), maintain your server, configure your LAMP and back up/restore them.

1. What is VPSrobots?

VPSrobots is a one-stop solution for building websites, managing LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP), backing up and restoring all of them without needing of LAMP knowledge. It’s designed for individual webmaster, freelancer and small business team who are running their money site on VPSs. More information...

2. Build a Website

With the following steps, a fresh website will pop up in front of your face after clicking several buttons

1.Get the basic information to connect to your VPS with VPSrobots

Linode: old panel & new panel  |  |

Get the essential information: 1. Server IP address  2. Username:root (default) 3. root password you set

2.Deploy AMP (Apahce + Mysql +PHP)

3. Create a new website with VPSrobots

3. Transfer Your Website to VPS

1.Build a new VPS as a new home of your website

          Linode: old panel & new panel  |  |

2.Deploy AMP (Apahce + Mysql +PHP) for your VPS

3.Upload the backup package of your website to VPS

4.Import your website

4. The use of File Browser

What is VPSrobots File Browser? How to use it?

5. The use of Apache setting

How to Configure Apache’s Value of Key with VPSrobots?

6. The use of PHP setting

How to Configure PHP’s Value of Key with VPSrobots?

7. The use of Mysql setting

How to Configure Mysql Module and Mysql Config with VPSrobots?