Most important: Are you able to access my server information when I use VPSrobots manage my server?

First, all your server information (root password of server, website admin user and password, database and database user’s password) will be stored only on your local computer:

For example: the directory VPSrobots by default,  c:\program files (x86)\vpsrobots\password  the password file is encrypted for security reason.

Second, we can not get access to any of your server information except your server IP address and Mysql root password(it will be planned to move to your local password file next version (current version 1.0.2))

How to use VPSrobots?

We have a rounded documents for well using VPSrobots. Click here to get started.

Do you offer a trail version of VPSrobots Pro?

No, we do not offer a trial version for VPSrobots Pro, but we do offer a 30-day refund with no question asked.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, you get a 30-days-money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with VPSrobots, you can get the 100% refund, no questions asked.

Where to download VPSrobots Pro after payment?

You can download VPSrobots Pro from the order email we sent or download from ‘my account’->subscription.

Do I Get Updates for VPSrobots? The way of Updating? Why?

Yes. Forced to update. The updating way of VPSrobots is to force VPSrobots to update to the latest version. Linux is a more complex operating system, multiple applications could be updated every single day, so, the application compatibilities are a big challenge to us. We try our best to make sure that VPSrobots get better compatibility with others to avoid a crash. It is the reason why we force VPSrobots to update to the latest version. VPSrobots will check the latest version to update every time when you start it. That’s it.

What Linux Distributions does VPSrobots support currently?
VPSrobots Pro (1.0.0) supports the following Linux distributions:
Linux Debian 7.x/8.x/9.x
Linux Ubuntu 14.x/16.x/17.x
Will VPSrobots support more Linux Distributions?
Yes, more Linux distributions will be supported on VPSrobots, like CentOS, but we need time on that.
Why do you test VPSrobots on the 4 VPS providers(Linode, DigtalOcean, Vultr, Host1Plus)?

We do that only for one reason: save money.
Linode, DigtalOcean, Vultr and Host1Plus are widely known as the most popular IaaS Internet Service Providers(ISP) globally, meanwhile, they are the most economical ones as well.

Does VPSrobots support website deployment?
Absolutely yes, VPSrobots supports to deploy five most popular Content Management System(CMS) for your website: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB (forum) and Simple Machines(forum). In addition, VPSrobots support to configure an SSL certificate to your website with a friendly interface.
Does VPSrobots support to deploy a email server?
Not yet. Actually, It’s a complicated working. For webmasters, we strongly recommended that you use mail services provided by a professional mail host. The significance of a self-hosting email server on a VPS is to receive emails rather than to send emails. Anyway, we will decide if we will develop this feature according to users feedback. By the way, we are using ZOHO mail service.
Can I use VPSrobots to hook into my using VPS? How it works?

Yes. VPSrobots is a hook-and-play software. If you want to hook into a server on which your online business is running, VPSrobots will detect the server environment and try to manage the server. If you want to hook into a brand-new VPS, VPSrobots will deploy all APPs that is needed to run a website, and it could take dozens of seconds before you can manage it.

Do I need to uninstall VPSrobots from my servers?

No. VPSrobots is a client program installed on your personal computer to manage your server remotely. So, you will need to uninstall nothing from your server except VPSrobots server-end, a mini-app that is fairly light-weight and only needs to be installed when performing website backup, restoration and transferring.

Does VPSrobots consume server resources when performing orders?

Yes, Only when performing the orders you sent, website backup, restoration and transferring.

Can I configure Apache, php and MySQL with VPSrobots?

Not all of them, only the parts of what webmasters need.

Does VPSrobots support any other Languages?

Not yet, but currently, we are planning to develope a multi-language module for VPSrobots.

You guys provide a technique support for VPSrobots? How do I get it?

Yes, please submit your question with ticket. We will reply you as soon as possible, generally, within 24 hours, the premium user get a priority right.

Using VPSrobots, Can I manage a MySQL/MariaDB database?

Not yet. We have a plan to design an interface to create/drop the database and add/remove database users, that’s all.

***It’s a dangerous move to directly operate the database if you are a beginner.

I find out that VPSrobots just integrates Amazon S3 as website backup storage. Do you have any plan to provide users with more storage solution?

Yes, Amazon S3 is an amazing service for storage of website backups. But we still plan to develop more interfaces to third-party storage for users.

What is VPSrobots server-end APP? How does it work?

As a matter of fact, VPSrobots server-end APP is a small application which has been running on your server, but consume server resource very little. 

The following content is its workflow.

First, it accepts the commands of website backup, restoration and migration from VPSrobots client and completes these tasks depending on the mentioned commands. VPSrobots server-end application is designed along with the optimization of the process priority, there is no effect on user access when it is running, which makes sure that the server won’t crash.

Do you have a plan to support Cloud VPS like Amazon or Google driver?

Yes, VPSrobots will support them the upcoming version.

Can VPSrobots access and manage the dedicated server?

In theory, yes. But we didn’t test it on dedicated server.