Updated: 11-8-2017

What is VPSrobots

VPSrobots is created as your reliable steward in Linux VPS management and maintenance, as well as websites creation and migration, it takes care of all the details for you when creating websites and managing servers. It is also an integrated solution that is targeted mainly at server and website problem.

VPSrobots enables you:

  • to build a website in seconds with few clicks on Linux VPS, even if you are a computer beginner.
  • to manage your Linux VPS with a GUI(Graphical User Interface) through SSH protocol, including automatically installing and configuring LAMP environment (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) with several clicks, which liberates you from manually deploying LAMP and typing command prompts.
  • to back up files as well as database on your websites in schedule and restore your websites whenever you want.
  • to transfer your website to your Linux VPS from any web hosting platform seamlessly with the assistance of our WordPress plugin.
  • to get a great overview on the general information of your VPS and AMP (Apache+Mysql+PHP) status, including disk info, memory info, up time etc.
  • to transfer files between your PC and VPS with SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol), online compressing and uncompressing are available.
  • The pro version with more great features are coming soon.

VPSrobots is developed to:

  • Simplify your work flow and boost up your working performance 

You will make a giant stride on your work efficiency. Not only does VPSrobots help you build a website in seconds with few clicks and makes server maintenance extremely easy, it also integrates several amazing tools and plugins to help you perform better, for instance, it comes equipped with a file browser that supports online compressing and uncompressing when transferring  files and folders between your PC and Linux VPS.

  • Without needing too much knowledge about computer

Coming with a user-friendly GUI(graphical user interface) and exhaustive introduction as well as easy-to-understand wizards, VPSrobots makes it extremely easy even for beginners to start building a website and manage a Linux server by themselves. Moreover, VPSrobots is rencently enhanced with the powerful features of websites backing up, website restoring with one-click.

  • Greatly save you time and lower your operation cost on websites and servers

VPSrobots was brought up to provide you the most simplified and lowest-cost as well as the most efficient solution to handle your operation of building websites and managing your Linux servers.

VPSrobots could be suitable to multiple users, for instance:

  • A beginner who needs help on websites building and managing.VPSrobots can be a solid choice then, because VPSrobots is exactly created to empower everyone to build websites, manage servers with few clicks and in seconds or minutes.
  • Either an individual webmaster or a freelancer who would like to create and maintain their websites, but might get stuck in shortage of professional computer skills or a great amount of gritty work when maintaining websites. And this is exactly where VPSrobots comes from, it can handle all these tedious work for you and get you rid of this sort of hassles with just few clicks on your computer and all these could be done in seconds or minutes.
  • A small team that might has limited budget for the professional sever or website maintenance service will also benefit from VPSrobots, VPSrobots will dramatically saves you cost on time and labors when maintaining a server, and there is no need of proficient server and website skills, it even allows anyone in the team to do the job part-timely.
  • Agencies that always manage a great number of websites hosted to many servers could need a great tool as VPSrobots, that because a tremendous amount of work as well as great cost on time and labor when managing and maintaining servers could gradually drag your business down, especially as your business keeps scaling. With the assistance of VPSrobots, there would be an impressive improvement on your work efficiency and a significant decrease on cost, which certainly will take your business to a new level.

Here’s an overview of VPSrobot user interface:

VPSrobots user interface provides a login/out panel, a set of toolbars, tabs, a server navigation panel, main management panels and a log bar for access to various functions and configuration screens.

Overview of VPSrobot client interface

Login/out Panel

The Login/out panel is positioned on the upper left side of the interface and provides quick access to the operations of sign-up, login/out, and getting back password of your account. Logging in to VPSrobots provides many features and benefits, it is also necessary to sign up a VPSrobots account before you start to explore it’s great functionalities. It will indicate as Off-line on the top of the robot icon when you have not logged in yet. The word “Free” on the top of the “robot icon” indicates that the current version is free once you successfully logged in.


The Toolbar

The tool bar appears on the top left of the interface and provides quick access to main functionalities and settings on VPSrobots.

From left to right, the buttons on the toobar are:

  • Home
  • Connect to VPS
  • Add website
  • Import website
  • Settings


The Home button will return you to the home page of the interface from anywhere within the client.

Home tab on VPSrobots

Connect to VPS

This Connect to VPS button will take you to the main management panel to connect to a VPS and install LAMP(Apache+Mysql+PHP) for the VPS. Currently VPSrobots supports four VPS providers: Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Host1plus.

Note that you’ll need to add a VPS before you start if this is your first login, you are able to move forward and perform other opreations basing on this VPS.

Connect to a VPS through VPSrobots client

Add Website:

The Add Website button in the toolbar will assist you to create a website automatically in seconds. currently VPSrobots support three CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, as well as two Forum: phpBB, Simple Machines.

Create a website on VPSrobots client

Import Website:

You’ll use the Import Website icon option to import a website, which is also the last step of transferring a website from any other website hosting platform.

Import a website to VPSrobots

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The settings button provides you quick access to customize your setting options on VPSrobots.

Settings on VPSrobots client


Servers Navigation Panel

The Server Navigation Panel contains the server navigation trees, which shows a list of your connected servers and this panel appears on the left below side of the interface. Click on the Servers button to open the connected servers list and click on a specific server to open its default panel and related main management panes. you are able to perform operations of adding website and importing website on the selected server, alternatively, you can achieve these on the Toolbar.

Servers navigation panel

Servers navigation panel


The Tabs

The tabs on VPSrobots client

Each tab defines different objects and functional areas of operations your can perform in VPSrobots, when you select a tab, the default management panel for that tabs is displayed. The tabs in the VPSrobots user interface are:

  • Server Status
  • Breadcrumb Setting
  • Websites
  • File Browser
  • Change Password

There are also several hiden tabs that would appear when you perform the particular operations for instance open detailed configurations panel of Apache, Php and Mysql.

Server Status

Server status tab on VPSrobots

From Server Status tab, you are able to monitor the overall information as well as status of the selected server, including host name, current version, up time. In addition, you can also perform the following operations available for LAMP status:

  • Re-check LAMP Status
  • Add website

Breadcrumb Setting

Breadcrumb setting tab on VPSrobots

The Breadcrumb Setting tab provides a straight-forward and user-friendly setting page for AMP(Apache, PHP, Mysql). Only few frequently-used settings are available in the tab which allow you to edit, alternatively, you can just click the action buttons that are equipped to each settings, with these buttons, even a computer beginner could set AMP easily. Here is the answer to the question what can these buttons do:

  • Cancle: To invalidate the value you’re setting.
  • Default: To set the current value as a default value.
  • Recommended: To set the current value as a recommended value.
  • Enable/Cancel: To Enable a setting or to Cancel this operation
  • Disable/Cancel:To Disable a setting or to Cancel this operation
  • Stop/Restart: To stop a running Apache or Mysql, or to Restard Apache or Mysql.

Do not forget to click Apply to ensure that the new settings take effect.

While In fact, the individual AMP tabs which proovide the complete AMP module and configuration are still available and just being hidden from the tabs, it can be activated by simply clicking “More” buttons in breadcrumb tab if necessary.


Use websites tab to add a website with VPSrobots

Website tab empower you to:

Use websites tab to manage the existed websites with VPSrobots

Once you’ve successfully created a new website, the main management panel for this website appears and you will see a icon on it. A toolbar is available on this panel, which enables you to perform specific actions and provide you support on the website,  the buttons on the toobar are:

  • Go: to activate the domin you bind with the website
  • Access Website:quick access the selected website home page
  • Admin Login: jump to admin login page of the website
  • Find Password: find your admin login password in case you missed it
  • Rebuild: rebuild the selected website
  • Delete: delete the selected website

Make sure that you have selected a target website before you perform above actions.

File Browser

File browser on VPSrobots client

VPSrobots file browser tab assists you to transfer files between your PC and Linux VPS in a secure way with SFTP(secure file transfer protocol). It allows to compress and uncompress online. It also provides the general information of the files both in you PC and your Linux VPS, in addition that, a task and log bar for this tab is available on the bottom of the tab, where you are able to check the task records an logs.


The Log Bar

The log bar on VPSrobots

The log bar is always positioned on the bottom of the whole interface, It provides a visible process of automatically inputing command prompts by vpsrobots. it can not be editable and it’s width can be customized by hovering over it’s top border line, you are bale to pull it a little larger, or pull it to bottom to zero.


A Summary

The current version of VPSrobots provides several great features, and it’s free to use. We believe it can be of great help to millions of beginners who would like to build and run their websites but do not have sufficient knowledge about computer. as well as to these veterns who work hard to manage and maintain their Linux servers and websites around the globe. As we are always dedicated to the idea that we brought up in the very beginning to make it easier for users to work on their websites, we can not be prouder that we’ve actually made our initial idea a reality by the release of VPSrobots and an amazing plugin named What is WP Transfer to VPS, which allows users to seamlessly transfer a WordPress website to a Linux VPS in minutes by themselves, instead of spending too much money and time migrating websites as before.

We never think about stopping for a rest, because there’re still a lot we can do to improve on VPSrobots and plugins to provide you more efficient features as well as better service. Meanwhile, we are eager for your attention and we would always love to hear anything from you:suggestions, requirments, criticisms or a word of encouragement…