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                                                                                                                                                                  Updated: 26-6-2018

VPSrobots at a glance:

VPSrobots is a desktop-based control panel created for webmasters to manage their websites and Linux VPS hosting in an extremely easy manner. Running on Windows platform, VSProbots works as your reliable robot admin to take care of all the details when managing websites and servers.

Features in detail:

  • Manage unlimited number of Linux VPS on one dashboard
  1. VPSrobots Pro does not limit number of Linux VPS.
  2. VPSrobots enables everyone to install and configure LAMP(Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) for your server with few clicks.
  3. VPSrobots monitors your system almost in real time by indicating server information including server status, memory, disk, CPU as well as LAMP status on the main dashboard.
  4. VPSrobots ships a sFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) browser which supports online compressing and uncompressing and allows you to upload and download files safely and quickly.
  • Auto-deploy a website with few clicks, without a limit on quantity
  1. VPSrobots can automatically deploy a website for you on your Linux VPS in seconds with few clicks,
  2. VPSrobots will guide you step by step to create and configure SSL for your website for securing data.
  3. VPSrobots supports to enable/disable and delete a website with one click.
  4. VPSrobots saves CMS information of your website for you, for instance, database password and user password.
  5. VPSrobots currently supports five most popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal phpBB, Simple Machines.
  • Websites back up on schedule, restore and migration from VPS to VPS
  1. VPSrobots comes with a flexible backup mechanism. It supports manual backup and scheduled automatic backup. It backs up the whole site and sends the backup files in a package to your remote Amazon S3 storage.
  2. With a straightforward interface, you can restore the websites whenever you want with one click ease.
  3. Seamless website migration from a VPS to another can be performed with one click ease.
  • Server Security
  1. VPSrobots secures your server from the origin: it allows you to set up iptables firewall and configure iptables rules from a user-friendly GUI, moreover,  it provides statistical data based on the server access records to help you analyse and block the threats.
  2. VPSrobots monitors users on your server by showing the login details and listing all login records by day/week/month.
  3. A scanner for checking system file security is available that tells you whether or not these files were falsified.
  • There are more great features coming continuously.


VPSrobots shines for:
  • Needing zero Linux code skill and controlling everything by yourself

On VPSrobots, everything happens on an easy GUI control panel, without typing a command, from website creation to maintenance, nothing needs expertise and long tutorials. Unlike a third-party service, it allows a full control of your website and VPS from an app on your own computer.

  • Charging by each license, not VPS

VPSrobots Pro charges no more than the license, with a license, you can manage unlimited number of VPS on one dashboard. Yes, you’re right, that is exactly unlimited. See how many bucks it saves you especially if you’re working with many VPS and websites.

  • A desktop-based control panel that consumes little or no server resources

Unlike web-based control panels that consumes considerable resources of your server and comes with a complicated install/uninstall process, VPSrobots resides outside of your server and works by hooking into your servers, which consumes pretty much zero resource on your server and can be easily installed/uninstalled.

VPSrobots is ideal for:
  • An individual webmaster and a freelancer who is tired of gritty work when maintaining many VPS and websites. That is exactly where VPSrobots comes from, it handles all these tedious maintaining work and gets you rid of all kinds of hassles with just few clicks in seconds.
  • A beginner who would like to start a website, but get stuck in a shortage of Linux skills. VPSrobots can be a solid choice then, because everything happens on it’s one-button GUI.
Here’s an overview of VPSrobots user interface:

VPSrobots comes with a quite easy user interface which consists of a login/out panel, a set of toolbar, tabs, a navigation panel, a main dashboard area and a log bar for accessing various functions screen and performing all features.

Overview of VPSrobots Interface

Overview of VPSrobots Interface

Login/out Panel

The Login/out panel is positioned on the upper left side of the interface. In addition, it provides quick access to password retrieval page, document library and support center. The word on the top of the “robot icon” indicates the current version you are using once you successfully logged in.

Note: Logging in to VPSrobots can bring many benefits. Meanwhile, to explore all amazing features on VPSrobots, an account is required.

Login panel on VPSrobotsLogout panel on VPSrobots

The Toolbar

The tool bar appears on the top left of the interface and provides quick access to main functionalities and settings on VPSrobots. From left to right, the buttons are:

The Toolbar on VPSrobots

  • Home
  • Create VPS Node
  • Add website
  • Options
  • About


The Home button will return you to the home page of the interface from anywhere within the client.

Create VPS Node

This will take you to the main management panel to create VPS node and install Apache, Mysql, PHP(LAMP) on the VPS. So far, well-tested VPS providers on VPSrobots are: Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Host1plus, Google Cloud.

Note: You’ll need to add a VPS node if this is your first login, you can not move forward and perform other operations until a node is added.

Add a VPS node on VPSrobots client

Add a VPS node on VPSrobots client

Add Website:

The Add Website in the toolbar bring you to the page of auto-build a website. the following CMS has been tested on VPSrobots: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, phpBB, Simple Machines.

Deploy websites via VPSrobots

Build a website via VPSrobots


The Option contains three sections:

  • General: Shows all general settings about VPSrobots.
  • Option Menu on VPSrobots

    Option Menu on VPSrobots

  • Session: List the connected servers and  display server information including IP address, Port, Username. Also, you can set the authentication methods with the option of either password or SSH private key.

    Session section on VPSrobots Option Menu

    Session section on VPSrobots Option Menu

  • Remote Storage: Section for setting your remote storage account information for website backup and restoration. (currently only support Amazon cloud storage).

    Remote storage section on VPSrobots Option Menu

    Remote storage section on VPSrobots Option Menu

Navigation Panel

The Navigation Panel contains a server navigation tree listing of your connected servers and three website-related features: Website Backup, Website Restore, Site Transfer(VPS to VPS). This panel appears on the left below side of the interface. Click on the Servers button to open the connected servers list and click on a specific server to open its default panel and related main management panes. you are able to perform operations of adding website on the selected server.

The Navigation Panel on VPSrobots

The Tabs Area

The tabs area appears on the top of main dashboard. Each tab defines different objects and functional areas for operations your perform on VPSrobots. The tabs are:

The Tabs Area on VPSrobots

  • Server Status
  • Breadcrumb Setting
  • Websites
  • SFTP Tool
  • Security

There are also several hidden tabs that would appear when you perform the particular operations for instance open full configuration panel of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Server Status

Server status page on VPSrobots

Server status tab on VPSrobots

This tab monitors the server from all sides with four sections:

  • General system info: display system info like Host name, Description, Version,  Up time and IP address and indicate usage of server disk and memory. The interval of retrieving these info is 3 seconds.
  • LAMP status: show AMP status with version info. Use the button to re-check LAMP status and add website.
  • Core(s) CPU Utilization Graph: show CPU utilization in a dynamic graph.
  • Process Occupied Monitor: provides an intuitive overview on the real-time usage of system resources.

Breadcrumb Setting

Breadcrumb setting tab integrated the most frequently-used settings for Apache2, MySQL, PHP(AMP) on one dashboard equipped with a set of quick switches, buttons and friendly tips about default and recommended value for each setting.  By simply clicking “More” buttons on the AMP sections, the pages with full AMP configuration can be brought up.


The Websites tab indicates the total number of created websites on the server and displays each existed website with the it’s Status, CMS type, Name and Config Panel that contains 3 functions for managing the site:

1. Folder icon: bring you to the SFTP tool page

2. Deploy CMS

3. Config: includes 4 sections:

  • General: enable/disable the website and export the error log and access log to local.
  • Domain: change the domain name and add a server alias for the website
  • SSL: step by step, guide you to create and configure a SSL certificate for the website.
  • CMS: keep the CMS information including database name, user, password and administrator information including user, password, email.

The quantity of sites displaying on per page can be set in a range from 5-15.


The Database(Beta) tab is added to VPSrobots since version 1.1.0 to allow the easy management of MySQL/MariaDB databases and users. You can carry out tasks including creating and dropping databases, adding and removing users, granting/revoking privileges to users, easily in a familiar point and click environment. New features related to phpMyAdmin were added in VPSrobots 1.1.2 to allow one-click installation and simple configuration of phpMyAdmin.

SFTP Browser

SFTP Browser provides you with an fairly quick and easy way to manage and transfer files via secure file transfer protocol(SFTP). Files and folders can be compressed/uncompressed or dragged and dropped when being transferred. Tasks will be written into the log bar, where you can view the completed tasks, check a task in process or cancel it before it completes.

The Log Bar

The log bar on VPSrobots

The log bar is positioned on the bottom of the whole interface, it indicates the command prompts runs by VPSrobots when performing tasks. The content can not be edited but the width can be adjusted by pulling the borderlines.

A Summary

As we have always been dedicated to the idea we brought up in the very beginning to provide an extremely easy and more economical way for everyone to manage their websites as well as the hosted VPS, proudly we can say we’ve made it a reality with the release of VPSrobots Pro. We believe millions of personal webmasters and beginners will benefit so much from VPSrobots, not only from money and time, more important, a better experience on managing websites and VPS.

While the perfection and enhancement work of VPSrobots remain ongoing. So, we are eager for your attention very much and would always love to hear your thoughts, which will help a lot to make VPSrobots more serviceable.

A flexible choice of managing plans on VPSrobots Pro is available now, alongside full feature access, click to check it out and get your VPSrobots Pro.