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VPSrobots server-end is a self-developed mini-app that helps implement website backup, restoration, migration features on VPSrobots. It is dedicated only to VPSrobots and is necessary for performing the mentioned features. Being light in weight, it can be easily deployed and removed from your server by one click on four VPSrobots interfaces and in few seconds.

The following discussion will be covering the basic steps on how to deploy VPSrobots server-end on your server, from four different interfaces on VPSrobots. And it assumes you have connected to your Linux servers via VPSrobots Control Panel.

How to install VPSrobots server-end on your server?

1. From Website Backup interface.

Install VPSrobots server-end on Website Backup interface

  • Navigate to Websites Backup interface on VPSrobots.
  • Select a server from the drop-down list.
  • Click Install button to deploy VPSrobots server-end on the server.

2. From Website Restore interface.

  • Navigate to Websites Restore interface on VPSrobots.
  • Select the website and its backup package.
  • Select the matched server for the website.
  • Click Install button to deploy VPSrobots server-end for the server

3. From Website Transfer interface.

Install VPSrobots server-end from Website Transfer interface

  • Navigate to Websites Transfer interface on VPSrobots.
  • Choose the origin server and the destination server for the migration.
  • Click Install buttons to deploy VPSrobots server-end on these two servers.

4. During LAMP installation.

Install VPSrobots server-end from the Option Menu

  • Open Option menu from the tool bar on VPSrobots client.
  • Tick the option of installing server-end during LAMP installation.
  • Click Apply button for the changes to take effect.

With VPSrobots server-end deployed, you’re all set to perform website backup, restoration and migration on VPSrobots in an extremely easy way. Click and see the guides below to start: