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Updated: 26-6-2018

What is SFTP Browser on VPSrobots?

The SFTP Browser on VPSrobots is a neat sftp tool that allows you to manage and transfer files via secure file transfer protocol(SFTP). It supports online compression/uncompression in the formats of .tar.gz/ .tar.tgz/ .tar.bz2 when transferring files and folders.

Positioned in tab area on the top, the file browser provides two windows for files both on local and your server, from which you can manage and transfer files easily.

sftp tool on VPSrobots

File Browser on VPSrobots

Tasks will be written into the log bar under the windows, where you can view the completed tasks, check the task in process or cancel it before it completes.

the log bar on VPSrobots sftp tool interface

How to use VPSrobots sftp file browser?

1. By simply using the options in right-click menu of a file, the following operation can be performed on the files:

  • Upload: Upload the file from local to your server.
  • Download: Download the file from your server to local.
  • Cut: Cut the file (files and folders) to make it ready on your clipboard.
  • Copy: Copy the file (files and folders) to make it ready on your clipboard.
  • Paste: Past the file (files and folders) on your clipboard to current locations
  • Delete: Delete the file (files and folders).
  • Rename: Rename the file.
  • Compress: Bring up the operation panel where you can pack the file (files and folders) into a compressed file with the format .tar.gz/ .tar.tgz/ .tar.bz2 file and specify it’s location.
  • Extracting: Bring up the operation panel where you can unzip the commpressed file to the location of your choice.
  • New: Add a new file or folder.
  • Refresh: Refresh the file list.
  • Attribute: The Attributing provides you the default file name, position and size, you can get the accurate file size by clicking Calculate button.  The Group and Owner have been set as root by default. To set the permissions for the selected file by checking and unchecking the letters R W X setuid, don’t forget to click OK to ensure that the new settings take effect, or click Cancel to give up the settings.
Set attributes of a file in your Linux server via VPSrobots

Set attributes of a file in your Linux server via VPSrobots

2. How to transfer files between your PC and Linux server with VPSrobots sftp File Browser.

When transferring files and folders, you have the options to cut or copy then paste them to the destination folder, alternatively, you can drag files and folders then drop them into the location of your choice, while in these two cases, you can only transfer files and folders one by one, a boring job huh? Thanks to VPSrobots file browser, now you are able to compress and uncompress these files that makes the work amazingly more efficient. Just follow our guide on how to compress and extract your files(tar/zip) using VPSrobots file browser.