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About VPSrobots:

VPSrobots is a Linux server management control panel that offers graphical interface and automation tools to facilitate the management of one or more Linux servers and websites. Unlike most of hosting control panels on the market, VPSrobots runs on top of Windows platforms as a desktop app and connects to your Linux servers remotely over SSH, which makes it a more secure and resource-friendly panel out there.

In the latest release(version Beta 2.0.0), VPSrobots got a massive redesign to the user interface, the new look on the app delivers a modern and stylish aesthetic, and gets all the functionalities on the app well organized and easier to implement. In addition, the update has integrated VPSrobots with DigitalOcean droplet creation and DNS management service to offer convenience for DigitalOcean cloud service users.

Full Features:
  • Manage Linux Servers
  1. Add as many servers as you want and manage them from single dashboard.
  2. Create a DigitalOcean droplet in few seconds using the personal access token,
  3. Install LAMP Stack(Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP) on your server with one-click.
  4. Check the real-time system info that includes memory, disk, CPU as well as LAMP status from the main dashboard.
  5. Manage domain and DNS records using the integration with DigitalOcean DNS manager.
  6. Configure PHP, Apache, MySQL from simple dashboards.
  7. Manage MySQL database from a visual interface. Create/drop a database, add/remove a user, grant privileges to user with clicks.
  8. Manage and transfer files on your servers using a built-in graphical SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) File Browser. File compression and decompression is supported.
  9. Set up and configure iptables firewall in a graphical interface.
  • Create and Manage Websites
  1. Install as many WordPress websites(four more CMSes supported) as you want and manage them from single dashboard.
  2. One click install Lets’ Encrypt free SSL certificate on your sites or easily install a premium SSL.
  3. One click enable/disable/delete a website.
  4. Save the website CMS information, for instance, database password and user password.
  5. Create unlimited websites in subdirectory with few clicks.
Why VPSrobots?
  • Familiar Point and Click interface and automation tools

All the tasks are performed in a familIar graphical interface without the needs to input even a command. From the creation of a website to the management, nothing needs expertise. Unlike a third-party service, it allows a full control of your website and VPS from an app on your own computer.

  • Manage Unlimited Linux Servers under One License

VPSrobots charges nothing more than the license, with a license, you can manage as many VPSes as you want from one dashboard. Which a great money-saver especially for these working with multiple servers. Moreover, VPSrobots Beta 2.0.0 is available to download and use for free, which do not limit the number of servers you add.

  • Desktop panel: one click install/uninstall and do not consume server resources

Unlike web-based control panels that consumes considerable resources of your server and comes with a complicated install/uninstall process, VPSrobots resides outside of your server and works by hooking into your servers, which consumes pretty much zero resource on your server and can be installed/uninstalled with one click.

VPSrobots is ideal for:
  • Web developers and designers: If you’re a web developer or designer,  this is your work on a regular basis: handles multiple VPSes and websites, often need to create a demo website instantly and transfer files from to servers and sites, manage databases… The automation tools on VPSrobots will help you handle all these tedious work, all with one or few click ease. Plus, VPSrobots does not limit the number of VPS and allows all VPSes to be managed from one dashboard.
  • Anyone including Beginners who would like to start a website but get stuck in the shortage of technical skills. VPSrobots can be a solid choice then, as everything happens on a simple graphical interface, you can install a WordPress site simply with one click in few seconds.
An overview of VPSrobots User Interface:

VPSrobots Beta 2.0.0 offers a massive redesign to the user interface, the new interface has been where you can easily access various functionalities and implement different tasks. The interface mainly consists of a login interface, a navigation menu, an account menu, and a main dashboard.

VPSrobots User Interface Overview

VPSrobots User Interface Overview

Login Interface:

The user login interface, which also provides quick access to password reset and user registration page.

VPSrobots login interface

VPSrobots login interface

Account Menu

The menu offers a button leading to profile page on vpsrobots.com where you can access and manage your account info, orders and subscriptions, tickets and etc. Plus a Log out button for you to leave the current account and back to Login Interface.

Account Menu on VPSrobots

Account Menu on VPSrobots

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard on VPSrobots is the where all the tasks are performed and all the information are displayed.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu on VPSrobots appears on the left side of the window and is sticky to all pages. This section provides quick access to most functionalities and settings on the app and contains 6 options:

Navigation Menu on VPSrobots

Navigation Menu on VPSrobots

1. My Servers: My Servers consists of two tabbed panes:

  • General Pane: the pane is used to connect to and manage all general Linux servers, it allows you to Add a Server and manage it on VPSrobots, plus, lists all the added server nodes on the main dashboard alongside the actions you can perform on the servers, this includes Logging in to a server or Removing a server from the list. If you wish to switch between multiple servers, click My Servers.
Server list on VPSrobots

General Server list on VPSrobots

  • DigitalOcean pane: this is a dedicated pane that houses the integration with DigitalOcean droplet creation and DNS management service. You can easily create a DO droplet using a personal access token and manage Domain/DNS records directly from this tab, plus, take advantage of all features on VPSrobots as all general Linux servers.
    DigitalOcean integration pane on VPSrobots

    DigitalOcean integration pane

    Once the token is verified, all data is synchronized between the integrated DNS manager and your DigitalOcean account. All the existing droplets and DNS records on your DigitalOcean account will be listed on the page, click Edit icon on the page to open the manager.

    Manage Domain and DNS record on VPSrobots

    Manage Domain and DNS record on VPSrobots

2. Server: this page displays the status and general information of a logged-in server on the main dashboard:

Server Status on VPSrobots(the uper part)

Display real-time server status

  • General system info: Indicates the Virtualization, Description, Server Time,  Up time and IP address and usage of server disk and memory.
  • Websites: Scans and lists the total number of existing websites on the server, Click “Create a Website” to create a new site.
  • Databases: Scans and lists the total number of existing databases on the server, Click “Create a Database” to create a new database.
  • LAMP status: Detects and displays AMP status with version info. Click “Install LAMP” to do it with one click in case they ‘re not installed.
  • CPU Usage Graph: Shows CPU utilization in a dynamic graph.
  • Server Process Occupied Monitor: Provides an intuitive overview on the running processes and resources occupied.
  • Apache2, PHP and MySQL Settings Lists the most frequently-used settings for Apache2, MySQL, PHP(AMP), alongside a set of quick switches, buttons and friendly tips on the default and recommended value for each setting. Clicking on “More Configuration” will bring up the full AMP configuration dashboards.

In the meanwhile, it contains the following functions you can perform to the server:

  • File Browser: a built-in graphical file manager for the easy management and transfer of files on the server.

    VPSrobots File Browser

    VPSrobots File Browser

  • Database: manage MySQL database in a visual dashboard, to create/drop a database, add/remove a user, grant privileges to user on a visual interface.

    Create and Manage MySQL database using VPSrobots

    Create and Manage MySQL database using VPSrobots

  • Apache: a dashboard for configuring Apache web server.

    Configure Apache2 from a graphical interface using VPSrobots

    Configure Apache2 from a graphical interface

  • PHP: a dashboard for configuring PHP.

    Configure PHP from a graphical interface

    Configure PHP from a graphical interface

  • MySQL: a dashboard for configuring MySQL.

    Configure MySQL from a graphical interface on VPSrobots

    Configure MySQL from a graphical interface

  • Website: a dashboard for auto-creating and managing websites on the server. You can perfom a scan of all the existing websites on the server and choose if to add them to the list.
    Create and manage websites using VPSrobots

    Create and manage websites

    There are more actions you can perform on the dashboard which includes going to SFTP File Browser to manage and transfer site files in a visual way, or removing the site from the list and open Website Setting page where you can view the general website information, enable/disable the site with one click, add a server alias.

    View General Website Information

    View General Website Information

    Install a Let’s Encrypt free ssl with one click or quickly install a premium ssl cert files to the right places on your site.

    Install a Let's Encrypt free ssl cert with one click

    Install a Let’s Encrypt free ssl cert with one click

    Install a CMS(WordPress, Drupal7, Joomla) or a forum(phpBB, SimpleMachines) with one click, and completely remove the site from the server.

    Install WordPress with one click

    Install WordPress with one click

  • Security: a dashboard for setting up and configuring iptables firewall on your server.
    Set up and configure iptables firewall

    Set up and configure iptables firewall

    Besides, the page displays recent login details on the server. including the user name and permission, IP address, login time and etc.

    Login details on a server

    Login details on a server

3. Options: Provides general settings about VPSrobots.

General settings about VPSrobots

General settings about VPSrobots

4. Support: Provides quick access to “Submit Ticket” page on vpsrobots.com.

5. About: Claims the copyright of the app

6. Twitter: Links to the VPSrobots Twitter account.

Final Thoughts

Though is young in the comparison with the giants like cPanel and Plesk in the industry, VPSrobots is promising as its ultimate aim is to provide much more economical and simple solutions for management of Linux servers and host websites for more people.

You can download VPSrobots Beta 2.0.0 for free. We would love to see it helps in your projects. And let us know what you want us to improve and what’s more you want on VPSrobots.