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Updated: 26-6-2018

We are pleased to announce that VPS provided by Vurltr has been tested to be working perfectly with VPSrobots control panel, (more tested VPS providers: Linode Old PanelNew Panel, DigitalOcean, Host1Plus, Google Cloud).

The wizard below will help you to get the necessary information for accessing your VPS via VPSrobots.

Step 1. Log in or Create an Vultr Account

Log in to your Vultr account directly or sign up by clicking Create Account if you do not have an account yet.

Login or sign up your Vultr account

Login or sign up your Vultr account


Step 2. Deploy a New Server

Once logged, click + icon to start Deploying a New Server on Vultr.

Deploy a new Linux server on Vultr

Deploy a new Linux server on Vultr

Before beginning, you’ll be reminded to complete your billing information. After that, choose an instance for the server:

  • Vultr Cloud Compute(VC2)
  • Storage Instance
  • Dedicated InstanceChoose an instance for the Vultr server
  1. Choose a Server Location

If you’re unsure of which location to select, go and perform a speed test on Vultr download speeds test, which will provide the convincing information to help you make the decision.

Choose a server location for your server

2. Choose a Server Type

Currently you have the options of  choosing Debian 7/8/9, Ubuntu 14/16/17/18.04, CentOS 7 as opearting system, VPSrobots will support more types soon.

Choose a server type for your Vultr VPS

3. Choose a Server Size

Choose a size for your serve on Vultr

4. Set your server hostname & Label (optional)

Unless you need them, just ignore the Additional Features, Startup Script, SSH keys, go directly to customize your hostname and label if needed.

5. Confirm the order and deploy the server

Once you confirmed the order, just click Deploy Now to pay for the bill and get your brand new server.

By now, you’ve successfully purchased a VPS on Vultr. Click Server Details to access Server Information page, which provides you the following server’s information for accessing and managing it via VPSrobots. Now, it’s time to start your amazing exploration to VPSrobots.

  1. Your server IP address: e.g.
  2. Your server username: root (by default)
  3. Your server root password: you will have options of both copying and viewing it by clicking the corresponding icons beside it.

Your server information page on Vultr