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Plesk is one of the pioneer and leading hosting panels in the market with a substantial user base. However, as the web keeps booming and new hosting panels are constantly published recent years, more and more people become tied of suffering a heavy and expensive Plesk panel and step on their way of looking out for a lighter, faster and more cost-efficient tool to manage server hosting.

Following the mission of simplifying management of VPS and hosted sites to maximum, VPSrobots is brought up to provide you a more secure, efficient yet more affordable and lighter manner to manage your server than Plesk does. Let check why VPSrobots is considered to be a real alternative to Plesk.

Client panel vs. Web-based panel

A major downside of Plesk from which people suffer deeply is the way it lives: Plesk is running in the cloud, namely you have to make sure you have enough space on your server for the installation of Plesk, excluding the space you will use for hosting your websites or other usages. Moreover, once installed, a web-based panel like Plesk will stay connected with your server, which results into the continuous soaking up to your precious server resources and potential security risks to your server.

Unlike Plesk, VPSrobots is developed as a client panel that lives on your desktop with one-click installation. It connect to your servers remotely via the more secure SSH(Security Shell). When you exit the program, you also close the connection to your servers. In these ways, VPSrobots consumes pretty much zero your server resource and greatly lower the risks of getting your server hacked.

Unlimited Servers License vs. Single Server License

Plesk is per server license and do not offer a public plan for managing multiple servers, while VPSrobots support the management of unlimited VPSes per pro license, which is a great time and cost saver for people managing many servers.

VPSrobots vs Plesk: Migrate Sites from One Server to Another

Both VPSrobots and Plesk offer feature of website migration from one server to another, the major difference is that migration on Plesk is implemented between servers with Plesk installed on them, while you can use VPSrobots to migrate your sites between any different servers from the same or different providers, with one-click ease.

However, if a mail server is a necessity for you, then VPSrobots may not be a perfect fit for you at this moment. As we do not think there will be much more benefits for a webmaster to run a self-hosting mail server than using a professional mail host. But we will decide whether to add it or not according to feedback from users. Check out VPSrobost for more surprise.