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Searches on the web for keywords cPanel alternatives or an alternative to cPanel keep growing these days, which is actually revealing the fact that people are not satisfied with cPanel and they’re trying to look out for alternative tools to it. That happens primarily as a result of that people are in sore need of an increase of working speed yet a decrease of cost, while that is exactly where VPSrobots comes from. Compared with cPanel, VPSrobots continues to be a GUI panel with full features, but more powerful, secure and lighter.

Client Panel vs. Web-based Panel

Unlike cPanel kind of web-based control panels, VPSrobots is a client software, which is overwhelmingly more beneficial for users:

  1. VPSrobots client lives on your desktop and does not consume much of your precious server resources. While the web-based cPanel has to be installed on your server which will soak up your server resources all the time.
  2. It is just a matter of click to install and uninstall VPSrobots client, however a beginner may need several hours to install cPanel. Once installed, cPanel can not be removed unless you rebuild the server or migrate it to other server.
  3. When connecting to your server, VPSrobots client is utilize a remote way via SSH(Secure Shell), whenever you want to close the connection to your server, just exit the program with one click ease. While cPanel will remain in communication with your server all the time which brings potential risks to your server.
Multiple VPSes vs. Single VPS

Most of web-based hosting control panels allow only one VPS can be managed per license they sell, and it is charged by month. For users who are managing multiple VPS, be mindful that cPanel is likely to eat up a great share of your profit. VPSrobots supports management of at most unlimited VPS from one centralized interface, moreover, all plans on VPSrobots are annually charged and covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Website backup, restoration, migration and more

Follow the commitment of simplifying to the maximum your way of managing VPS, VPSrobots integrated the features of website migration, backup and restoration into it’s client, with one-click implementation and full availability to all pro plans. When looking back to cPanel, migration on cPanel is only serving on the basis that you have to keep using it’s service when the migration completed, the process is quite time-consuming.

As seen above, VPSrobots is more like being leading a more powerful and efficient yet lighter, more secure and economical way of managing VPS hosting over cPanel. If you’re on the lookout for a cPanel alternative, then check out VPSrobots for more surprise.