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Vultr is one of the most used and trusted hosting brands in the market. Started to serve since 2014, now it has 15 datacenters worldwide providing high-performance yet affordable server instance for more than 100k users. It is important for you to know that all instances from Vultr are SSD-powered, namely they’re more stable and faster than the regular HDD server. The company is also best known for a $2.5 mini instance and the flexible hourly billing policy. However, as of the time of writing, Vultr has upgraded the $2.5 plan to apply to IPV6 only. All in all, the fast and stable services yet affordable price and flexible billing policy makes Vultr one of the perfect choices for most of users especially the new faces to the VPS hosting world.

If you’re on the lookout for a professional yet easy and affordable way to manage your Vultr servers, you may want to learn about VPSrobots, an awesome tailored control panel living on your desktop with a combo of robust features to fit most of you needs to manage a VPS and the sites hosted on it. With all the tasks performed with one-click ease on it’s visual interfaces, you’ll never need to learn how to code, nor to spend a whole day only trying to deploy a WordPress site, you can do it with a click ease on VPSrobots.

With all that being said, we will see how to manage Vultr servers through VPSrobots step by step.

Manage unlimited VPS from a centralized interface

First of all, you’ll need to get server credentials and access the server through VPSrobots. VPSrobots allows you to add as many servers as you want to the managing list, so that you can manage all your VPS from a centralized interface.

Deploy LAMP for your server

With one-click ease, VPSrobots will start the process of checking and installating LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) automatically. See our guide on how to install LAMP on your server with VPSrobots.

Check Server Status

With LAMP installed, the main page of the server will be brought up showing the real-time status of server and general system information such as the disk and memory usage, CPU utilization, the current processes running, and the status of Apache, MySQL and PHP. This is extremely useful and convenient for you to keep an eye on your server.

Configure PHP, Apache, MySQL

To quickly modify a value for PHP, you can use Breadcrumb Setting tab on VPSrobots, a dashboard listing out the most used PHP, Apache, MySQL settings, all settings coming with friendly notes on what the default amounts were, and what you should probably change them to. Moreover, if you need to enable a PHP module or configure AMP in a deep way, you can do it in different dashboards with the full lists of AMP configurations:

Create and Manage a WordPress Websites

VPSrobots makes it a matter of click to create a WordPress website on your server. You can create unlimited websites on your server and manage them from a centralized interface.

Manage MySQL/MariaDB Database

Access and manage your MySQL/MariaDB databases and users from a built-in manager.

Manage files on the Server with SFTP Browser

Use the built-in graphical SFTP browser to manage files and transfer files between local PC and server. You can zip and unzip files online.

Secure the Server

Deploy iptables on your server with one-click ease, and monitor users access  on your server.

Back up the Website

You will have the option of performing a backup on demand or scheduling a automated backup, the backup files will be sent to your amazon s3 storage. See more about how to perform a website backup.

Restore the Website

Easily perform a website restoration with one-click ease to save your site from an accident.

Migrate the website(VPS to VPS)

For most of users especially the beginners, it’s pretty geeky and time-consuming to migrate a website between different VPSes and different VPS providers. VPSrobots makes it just a matter of one click. See our guide on how to migrate your websites from one VPS to another.

Final words:

As seen above, VPSrobots can cover pretty much all of your needs to manage a VPS and sites, no matter you’re a beginner who wants to build a website of your own on a VPS hosting, or a developer that needs to quickly deploy websites for the use of demo to your clients, or a busy guy managing multiple VPS both for yourself and clients, or you just want to migrate sites from Vultr to a similar hosting like Linode, DigitalOcean and Host1Plus, quickly add an SSL cert to a website… then the web hosting solution of VPSrobots panel + Vultr server is exactly what you want.

Now you see how easy it is to use VPSrobots to manage your Vultr server, if you found VPSrobots is interesting and helpful, go to find a service plan that best suits you on our pricing page, all your purchase will be protected by a 30-day refund guarantee.