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Host1Plus is an old hosting company in the market that has been in business since 2008. Based in UK, now it delivers fast and high-performance business-class hosting services to 65K+ customers via 15+ datacenters and locations worldwide. It is best known for it’s affordable yet stable services, you can start a business-class VPS hosting plan from $15/month that gets you 2 CPU cores with 2048 MB RAM and 40GB Disk Space, with a maximum stability guarantee – 99% uptime. Another benefit that makes Host1Plus become a perfect fit for most of enterprise clients is that it guarantees high flexibility so that you can change your plan to fit the changing business needs.

Users working with Host1Plus servers may also consider more about efficiency and cost, in order to impress your clients with your high efficiency and top quality work, also, to make the most out of your server, you may want to learn about VPSrobots, an awesome tailored control panel living on your desktop with a combo of robust features to fit most of you needs to manage a Host1Plus VPS and the sites hosted on it. All the tasks performed with one-click ease on visual interfaces, which gives a substantial speed boost on your everyday work as well as saves you cost of hiring experts to manage your VPS. However, the real deal on VPSrobots is the feature of managing unlimited servers and sites from centralized interfaces, as well as the holy trinity: website backup, restoration and migration.

With all that being said, Let’s check how to manage Host1Plus servers with VPSrobots step by step.

Manage unlimited VPS from a centralized interface

Server credential information is required to connect to it with VPSrobots. VPSrobots allows you to add as many VPS as you want and manage all the VPS from a centralized interface.

LAMP Automated Installer

Built-in automated installer allows you deploy LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) on your server with one-click ease.

Server Status Overview

You can easily keep an eye on the real-time status of your server from the main page for each VPS, which displays general system information such as the disk and memory usage, CPU utilization, the current processes running, and the status of Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Apache MySQL PHP Quick Configuration

A Breadcrumb setting tab page is available for a quick configuration of PHP, MySQL, Apache, including friendly notes instructing you on what the default amounts were, and what you should probably change them to.

Server Security 

In addition to the secure nature of connection mechanism on VPSrobots(connect to your server remotely via SSH(Secure Shell)), VPSrobots also protects your server by enabling you to set up and configure iptables and monitor users access on the server.

Manage MySQL/Maria DB Database

Build-in database manager for you to access and manage MySQL /MariaDB databases and users. You can quickly create/drop a database, add/remove a user, grant privileges to user from a visual interface.

Unlimited Websites

You can create unlimited websites on your server and manage them from a centralized dashboard. VPSrobots provides the support for the 5 most used CMSes, including WordPress.

SSL(Https) Certification

VPSrobots make it easy to add an SSL cert to any of your sites. It helps you generate the CSR(certificate signing request) and quickly install the certificate files on your server in a visual manner.

Website Backup

Perform an on-demand backup or schedule an automated backup, send it to your remote storage. All happens on the visual interfaces and with one-click ease.

Website Restoration

Restore your site from website backups stored on your Amazon S3 remote storage with one-click ease when something unexpected happens to your site.

Webist Migration from VPS to VPS

It is never an easy thing to carry out a website migration for most of users, even for a veteran. When using VPSrobots, all you need to do to migrate your website between different servers from the same or different VPS providers, is to set up the departure and destination server from a visual interface, then with a click of the Start button, the migration will be successful.

Concluding Thoughts:

Now you see how easy it is to use VPSrobots to manage your Host1Plus server, if you found VPSrobots is interesting and helpful, go to find a service plan that best suits you on our pricing page, all your purchase will be protected by a 30-day refund guarantee.