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Are you annoyed by VPS management? Is there any more effective way to manage VPS? Absolutely, yes. VPSrobots is a simple, fast and secure control panel which is designed with a purpose to make VPS management easy.

VPSrobots is one of the best way to manage your DigitalOcean VPS. From the user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) dashboard, you can rapidly implement all server configuration. This guide will introduce the highlighted features of VPSrobots to you.

Before you get started to manage your DigitalOcean VPS, our previous guide on DigitalOcean: things to do before accessing DigitalOcean VPS with VPSrobots is the first step for integrating more features of VPSrobots with DigitalOcean service.

LAMP deployment

One of the basic features of VPSrobots is to automatically deploy LAMP with one click. Our guide on how to deploy AMP with VPSrobots will help you auto-deploy your LAMP.

Run WordPress site on DigitalOcean VPS

VPSrobots can effortlessly deploy a WordPress site in a few minutes. The available content management systems for VPSrobots include Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and Simple Machines besides WordPress. Our simple tutorial on how to build a website with VPSrobots is a good place to get started to create a website.

Apache/ MySQL/ php configuration

It is very difficult to manage server without any prior experience with Linux system. So VPSrobots is designed with a GUI dashboard to carry out Apache, MySQL and php configuration. Here are three AMP configuration posts that you must read:

SFTP tool

VPSrobots is built with a reliable, secure and easy to use SFTP browser for uploading and downloading files to/from server so that you don’t need to install any third party SFTP tools. Please see our gudie on what is SFTP browser on VPSrobots and how to use it and know more about it.

SSL deployment

VPSrobots is able to rapidly deploy an SSL certificate for your website in a few clicks, which will avoid any error you might face while manual deployment. See our step by step tutorial on how to enable SSL for your website with VPSrobots.

Database management 

VPSrobots includes a Database module for database management in which users can manage MySQL/Maria database and users as well as user privileges. In order to enhance the ability for database management, phpMyAdmin is integrated with VPSrobots on Database module, which makes users easy to access phpMyAdmin from VPSrobots. Please see our guide on how to manage MySQL database with VPSrobots and get started to manage your databases.


VPSrobots makes firewall management easy. You can add,remove and custom iptables rules as well as block the adnormal IP on a GUI dashboard. See our step by step guide on how to set up iptables on VPSrobots.

Login details

VPSrobots shows all login record with the details on user monitor interface, which helps you identify the unauthoized access. if you want more about it, please see our guide on how to monitor user access with VPSrobots.

Manage unlimited VPSes and websites

VPSrobots can easily manage unlimited VPSes and websites with one license, which makes VPSrobots the most economical one compared with other web hosting control panels on the market.

Website backup

VPSrobots is able to back up your website in real time as well as on schedule and creates up to four backup files by default.The backup files are stored in the reliable and inexpensive Amazon S3 storage. See our guide on how to back up your website with VPSrobots.

Website restoration

It is easy to restore a website with VPSrobots. Select your website and one of the available backup files, then click restore button. It will completed in a few seconds. See our previous guide on how to restore your website with VPSrobots.

Website migration

The most convenient way to migrate a website between VPSes might be via VPSrobots. What you need to do is to tell VPSrobots that which are the original VPS and the destination VPS, then click transfer button, and it’s done. See our guide on how to migrate your website with VPSrobots.

Nowdays, anyone can afford a VPS and host own website on their servers because of server virtulization. Currently, what you need is a control panel for easily managing multiple websites and VPSes. That’s, exactly, what VPSrobots is. So VPSrobots should be one of the best control panels for DigitalOcean VPS.