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SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is created for establishing an encrypted connection between a server and a client, preventing the criminal from reading and modifying the sensitive information. If you are running an online business , you need to install a SSL certificate to create a trusted environment for your customer. This article will explain how to install a Namecheap SSL certificate with VPSrobots.

Generate CSR and private key

After purchasing SSL certificate on Namecheap, you need to submit a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to activate the SSL certificate. CSR is a bunch of code which is an encrypted information about your domain and company information.

Please follow the Namecheap official guide to generate the CSR and private key.

Activate the SSL certificate

Follow the Namecheap official guide to activate the SSL certificate. There are three domain control validation (DCV) methods including Email validation, HTTP-based validation and DNS-based validation.

In this tutorial, we just talk about HTTP-based validation. Please select HTTP-based validation as your DCV method and you will be told that you need to download an activation file and then upload it to the following directory of your website: /.well-known/pki-validation/. Do not edit the activation file’s name or contents. For HTTP-based validation, please follow this official guide which  describes every steps of HTTP-based validation for SSL certificate.

Once you have selected DCV method, you are required to enter an email address as your administrative contact email and ensure the email address correct because the email address will recieve the validated certificate from the Certificate Authority (CA).

Once organization or extend validation certificate is activated, you wll be asked to submit company contact information.

After all is done, confirmation email is sent to the approval email address. You must confirm the issuance by clicking the link included in the approval email. Later, you will receive a validated certificate from CA.

Install the SSL certificate with VPSrobots

  1. Log in VPSrobots client, connect to your server, and open your website tab. Click setting button next to your website.

    Website table on VPSrobots

    Website table

  2. Select SSL option and switch it to On to make SSL status enable. Upload the private key, the .crt and .ca-bundle files by clicking each file icon. The .crt file is for your SSL certificate and .ca-bundle file for the Intermediate CA. At last, click Ok button to install the SSL certificate.
    SSL setting dashboard on VPSrobots

    SSL setting dashboard on VPSrobots

    We hope this article helped you learn how to install Namecheap SSL cerificate with VPSrobots. You may also be interested in our guide on how to install Rapid SSL certificate with VPSrobots.