Asp_tags config is to enable the use of ASP-like <% %> tags in addition to the usual <?php ?> tags. This includes the variable-value pinting shorthand of <%=$value %>.

How to enable PHP asp_tags on Linux with VPSrobots

Please launch VPSrobots client and connect to your server with a help of our step by step guide on How to connect to Linux server with VPSrobots.

After connection to server, click connected server to load server data. And then click breadcrumb tab and scroll down to more button at PHP section. Click it to open PHP section, you will see PHP config subtab and click on it. This will take you to the list of PHP configuration. Type your config name in the search box and the result will be highlighted in blue and click Edit button on the result.

Click Edit button to enable

A drop down menu appears by clicking Edit button, and select on option and click OK button. 

Enable PHP asp_tags with VPSrobots

At last, click Apply and Restart Apache buttons so that the chnages will take effect.

How to enable PHP asp_tags configuration on Linux with command line

Please boot SSH client called PuTTY which is designed for Windows users. Follow our guide on How to connect to Linux server with SSH client and configure it. The following command prompts are running on Debian 7 with PHP 5.

At first, run the following command prompt to open php.ini file:

nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

php.ini file

After php.ini file is displayed, press Ctrl+W to search directive.

Search for php asp_tags directive

After typing your configuration name, click Enter key. This will take you to asp_tags configuration page. You will see asp_tags line, and replace off with on. And press Ctrl+O to save the change, and then exit from the file by clicking Ctrl+X.

Enable PHP asp tags directive

At last, run the command prompt below to restart Apache.

service apache2 restart

In this article, we covered how to enable on PHP asp_tags on Linux by VPSrobots and by SSH client. To learn another configuration directive, take a look at the following guide: