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Using VPSrobots, even a beginner without command prompt skill can easily create a VPS node on the graphic user interface (GUI). This article describes how to add a VPS node to server with VPSrobots.

  1. Log in VPSrobots client and click Create VPS node option in the tool bar or in the left side navigation bar. You can access server either by password or SSH private key and start to connect to your VPS by clicking Let’s Go button. Server username is root by default.

    Create a VPS node with VPSrobots

    Create a VPS node

  2. After that, VPSrobots starts to automatically connect to VPS and check AMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) installed or not, the process will last for a few seconds.

    The process of connecting to VPS and checking LAMP with VPSrobots

    Connect to VPS and check AMP

  3. LAMP information is displayed on the next page in a few seconds and you can complete the process by clicking Next button. You can click Install button to deploy AMP, we talk about it in another article.

    The LAMP information displayed with VPSrobots

    LAMP information

  4. After clicking Next button, you are taken to Server status dasboard and can find the created VPS node in the left side navigation bar.

    The VPS node created by VPSrobots

    The created VPS node

We hope this article helped you learn how to create a VPS node with VPSrobots. You may also be interested in our guide on how to deploy AMP (Apache+MySQL+PHP) with VPSrobots.