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Your VPS might be located thousands of miles away from you. Through the secure shell (SSH) protocol, you can connect to your server as if it were in front of you. Most importantly, you can connect safely to your server, SSH will protect data communication between a server and a client from hackers.

What is SSH ?

SSH (secure shell) is a network protocol used for communicating data securely between a server and a client. To establish a communication between a server and a client, you must use SSH program.

Configure PuTTY and connect to a server with it

There is a no native SSH client for windows like OS X for Mac and a terminal window for Linux. We recommend windows users a free, open source application called PuTTY.

  • Please download the latest released version of PuTTY from this site and install it. Launch PuTTY after the installation is completed.
  1. Type your IP address in host name (or IP address) field.
  2. Make sure port field shows number 22 and the option of connection type is SSH by default.
  3. Type a name for your session in saved sessions field, and save it. This will save all configuration you did earlier. Next time simply double clicking on it will open PuTTY.
  4. Lastly click Open button at the bottom.

PuTTY Configuration

  • After clicking Open button, a security alert window pops up. And click Yes button at the bottom. After that, a secure connection is established. The PuTTY security alert appears only as first time you connect to your server.

PuTTY security alert

  • The terminal window appears, please type your username at login line, and hit Enter. A new line appears, which is asking for your password, type it and hit Enter key. As you type your username and password correctly, the terminal window shows a basically brief information like an installed system, last login information, and username@hostname:~# in last command line, which means you successfully connect to your server.

Connect to your server successfully

We hope this article can help you learn how to connect to a server with SSH client. You may want to see our guide on How to check LAMP version.