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Updated: 09-19-2017

As a VPS manager, VPSrobots can easily manage AMP( Apache + Mysql + PHP) files without SSH client, which is one of most amazing features of VPSrobots and differ from other website builder. Because of managing Apache configuration on a visible dashboard, it makes managing AMP ( Apache + Mysql + PHP) easier than ever, no technical or coding skills are required.

Apache dashboard is an all-new interface of managing Apache configuration, you can customize the value of key on Apache dashboard without professional command prompts.

  • At first, click Breadcrumb Setting tab to breadcrumb dashboard which is composed of Apache status, PHP status, and MySQL status.

Breadcrumb setting dashboard

  • There are several buttons on Apache status for modifying Apache configuration, click these buttons to change configuration. Click More button to Apache dashboard and configure more Apache value.

Apache status on breadcrumb setting tab

  • There are two tabs on Apache dashboard and switch between each other by clicking. Every Apache module name links to its official document of Apache. Click Enable/Disable buttons to modify the configuration and then click Apply button to validate them. Enter module name in search box to search for Apache module and the result will be highlighted in blue.

Apache module dashboard

  • Click Apache Config tab and switch to Apache configuration dashboard. Every configuration name links its official document of Apache. Click Edit button first to edit value and then click OK button, lastly click Apply button to validate it. You can enter configuration name in search box for searching as well.

Apache configuration dashboard

At last, click Restart Aapche button to take effect. Apache can run smoothly under default configuration. You can also define all configuration according to your need. After modifying configuration, please click Exit button to exit from Apache dashboard.

These above Content are all of configuring Apache, don’t you think that it is so easy to manage Apache with VPSrobots?

We hope this article can help you configure Apache easily. You may also want to know how to configure PHP as easy as Apache.