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To auto-build a website is one of the most important features of VPSrobots. Using VPSrobots client, even a beginner without command prompt skill can create a website in a few clicks. In this article, we will show you how to create a website with VPSrobots.

To follow this article, you need to connect to your server and deploy AMP (Apache+ MySQL+ PHP) with VPSrobots client. Please read our previous guide on How to Create a VPS Node with VPSrobots.

  1. Click a connected server on which you want to run your website and click Add website option below the server on the left side navigation menu. Or click Add website option on the top bar, which makes the website created on the last connected server.

    Click add website option for building a websit with VPSrobots

    Add website option

  2. Set a ServerName for your website. If you need a server alias, enter a server alias in the form and add it click Add button, you can remove the alias as well. VPSrobots provide an easy interface to enable SSL for your data security. We suggest you enable SSL for your website security, and we talk about SSL setting in another article. Website folder name is automatically filled out when you set the ServerName and you can also customize it. Lastly, click Start button in the bottom right corner.

    Set a ServerName on VPSrobots

    Set a ServerName

  3. There are two button on this interface, if you click Complete button, the website will be created without Content Management System (CMS). By clicking the other button, start to deploy CMS for your website.

    Install CMS with VPSrobots

    Install CMS

  4. Select a CMS for your site and click Next button.

    Select a CMS for your site

    Select a CMS for your site

  5. According to requirement, first, type your MySQL root password, and customize database details manually as well as click the button on the top to fill out them automatically. Lastly, click Next button.

    Enter database details for building a website with VPSrobots

    Enter database details

  6. Type your e-mail first. Customize website information manually or fill out the form automatically by clicking the button on the top. Start to install CMS by clicking Install button.

    Enter website information for building a website with VPSrobots

    Enter website information

  7. It will take a few seconds to complete the CMS installation.

    Complete the CMS installation with VPSrobots

    Complete the CMS installation

  8. At last, you can check your website by clicking Website tab on which all created website will be displayed.

    Check the website on website interface

    Check the website

We hope this article helped you learn how to build a website with VPSrobots. You may also want to see our guide on how to back up your website with VPSrobots.