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Simple, Fast, Risk-Free 

Linux Web Server Admin Panel

Maintaining your remote Linux web server from Windows


Windows platforms: Win 7/8/10 (32-bit,64-bit)

All users can access the new version for testing, revisions

VPS Management Features

Supported Linux Distros

Debian 7.x/8.x/9.x (Pro)

Ubuntu 14.x/16.x/17.x/18.x (Pro)

CentOS 7 (Pro)

The support for more distros is coming continuously.

VPS Providers

Linode | DigitalOcean | Vultr | Host1Plus丨Google Cloud Compute and more

Theoretically, VPSrobots is able to hook into all your Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS 7 servers, regardless of the vendor you are using.


Supported CMS

WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal

phpBB, Simple Machines

VPSrobots supports the deployment of the 5

most used CMSs.

Secure Login

Two authentication methods (optional) ensure zero risk when connecting to your servers:

  • User name + password
  • Private key + public key

Unlimited VPSs (Pro)

VPSrobots allows managing unlimited VPSs from a central interface, this saves you great time and effort.

Unlimited Website Deployment

Deploy unlimited number of websites on one hosted VPS, with one-click ease.


sFTP Tool

Upload and download files, supports online compression and uncompression of the files.

Server Status

Display general system information of each VPS in the main page.

Breadcrumb Settings

Carry out the quick and basic PHP, Apache, MySQL configuration on a simple interface with suggested notes.


PHP/Apache/Mysql Configuration

Upon the one-click installation of LAMP stack, VPSrobots also provides graphical dashboards for configuring PHP,MySQL, Apache.

Database Management

Create/drop a database, add/remove a user, grant privileges to user on a visual interface.

SSL(https) Deployment

Easily add a commercial SSL cert to any of your sites by quickly installing cert files to the right places.
Install Let’s Encrypt free SSL cert with one click.

Server Security Features

Iptables Configuration

Set up an iptables firewall with a visual interface, to block naughty IPs and protect the server.


Login Details

List all users on a server with their login records in details, on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.


Core files Scan

Scan your core Linux files to ensure they have not been secretly modified.


Website Backup

Backup (Pro)

VPSrobots backs up your entire site to your Amazon AWS S3 storage. Both on-demand and scheduled backup are supported.


Restoration (Pro)

Rest assured in disaster situations, VPSrobots restores your site from backups stored in S3 cloud storage, with one click.


Migration (Pro)

Migrate your website from a VPS to another, with one click.  Just give the right departure and destination. Click the Start button. Done.


Why VPSrobots?

Easy to Use

VPSrobots always keeps you in a familiar “point and click” environment. You can get everything done with one click ease on the intuitive GUI interfaces.

Saving Server Resource

Unlike web-based panels that soak up 1-1.5G memory and vast CPU resource of your server, VPSrobots is a desktop application that lives on your PC and consumes little CPU and memory only when carrying out basic tasks.


Website Backup Integrated

It is precisely the real concern for many webmasters that how expensive and easy to implement website backup, restoration as well as website migration from one server to another. VPSrobots has integrated all these features, barrier-free to implement and totally free to the pro users.

Managing Many Servers

VPSrobots offers a flexible set of management plans for webmasters who have different demand on the quantity of VPS. Start from a basic plan that allows 2 VPSs management with access to all features, to a Pro plan that allows unlimited VPSs to be managed from one dashboard.