VPSrobots – a desktop software running on Windows platform which allows you to remotely manage Linux VPSs (virtual private server) with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) via SSH protocol. 

Supported Windows platform: Win 7/8/10 (32-bit,64-bit)

VPS Manager Features


Linux Debian 7.x/8.x/9.x (pro)

Linux Ubuntu 14.x/16.x/17.x (pro)

VPS Providers Tested

In theory, with VPSrobots, you can hook to all VPSs on which debian or ubuntu distribution is running (needing root user). The following VPSs are well-tested by us.

Linode | DigitalOcean | Vultr | Host1Plus

Supported CMS

WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal

phpBB, Simple Machines

CMSs above can be deployed automatically, also including: backup, restoring and transferring

Connecting to Server

You can use two ways to connect to your VPS: user name + password and private key + public key.

Unlimited VPSs (Pro)

With VPSrobots, you can manage and maintain many VPSs on one dashboard

Limitless Websites

You can build websites as many as you want with VPSrobots.


sFTP Tool

VPSrobots has integrated a powerful sFTP tool for uploading or downloading files, supports compress/uncompress file online.

Server Status

VPSrobots will show you much information of your VPS, including the basic information of server, memory, disk, CPU etc.

Breadcrumb Settings

VPSrobots has listed many frequent configurations on one page so that you can configure them conveniently. For example: Max upload file size, Max execution time etc.


Configure Apache/Mysql/PHP

VPSrobots can help you deploy LAMP and shows you pages for configuring Apache, PHP and Mysql.

Auto-Update App

VPSrobots will send an order to update all app when it connects to your VPS.

Https (SSL)

VPSrobots provides an easy interface to enable SSL for your website for securing data.

Server Security


You can make a choice whether or not to allow VPSrobots to take over the iptables and to configure it.


Login Details

Show the login details and all login records are listed daily/weekly/monthly.


File Security Scanning

Up to 214 core files (growing in quantity) of Linux will be scanned that tells you whether or not these files were falsified.


Website Backup


With VPSrobots server-end, It can back up your website and upload the package into your storage.


Restoration (Pro)

With VPSrobots client, restore your websites with a single click, easily and fast.


Migration (Pro)

With an extremely simple way, you can transfer or migrate your websites from one server to another. Freely migrating your website from one VPS provider to another.




VPSrobots supports manual backup and automatic backup in schedule (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly), and deletes the oldest backup routinely.

Backup Everything

Everything related to the website will be backed up, including files, database, SSL key and Virtual host file.

Cloud Storage

All backups will be sent to your remote Amazon S3 storage. You can set your S3 account information in options of VPSrobots.

Package Size

According to our testing, Up to 20GB files VPSrobots can back up, fast and smoothly.


The Way of Backup

Since you make backups in schedule, VPSrobots server-end will back up your websites one by one.

Supported CMS

Five CMSs(WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB and Simple Machines) can be backed up/restored/migrated automatically.

Why VPSrobots?

Easy to Use

VPSrobots is the one you could need since you decided to get a software to manage your web server(VPS). Every type of users, from beginner up to experts, will definitely be happy with how easy server maintenance and website jobs are done.

Deploying website, configuring website’s settings, transferring files and managing cron jobs can be done with several clicks. No professional skills required.

Saving Server Resource

VPSrobots is a hook-and-play software, which means it will be hooked to your servers to manage them. That only costs a little bit CPU ratio and memory resource.

Contrarily, web-based apps will consume 1-1.5G memory and more CPU resource. Saving resource is equal to saving money.


Website Backup Integrated

To webmasters, no doubt, it’s the most thing to keep their money website safe. VPSrobots has integrated one module for website backup, migration and restoration which is reliable and easy-to-use, you don’t need to pay more money for them.

Managing Many Servers

VPSrobots is designed for personal webmaster and freelancer. With VPSrobots, you can manage many servers on one dashboard, meanwhile, will pay less money.

You can download VPSrobots for Free. It has all standard options to manage your VPS. But if you want all amazing featured mentioned above, you may like to upgrade to pro…